White chocolate Disney wedding cake

White chocolate Disney wedding cake

This Disney cake has a real story behind it (you can read all about it on our recent blog post).  Featuring 4-tiers of sponge, covered with white chocolate ganache and white chocolate sugarpaste, this cake was finished off with all their favourite characters and details of their lives fully hand-modelled from white chocolate.  For all you chocoholics, the smell was intoxicating.

This cake could be altered to reference any characters/film genre and also be made out of dark or milk chocolate or just plain sugarpaste.

Could there be any better way to incorporate your love of Disney into your cake than by immortalising your favourite characters in chocolate/sugar.

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Price: £750.00
(in sponge)
Portion Size
Size: 10', 8" 6" and 4" round = approx 120 portions