Novelty wedding cake - 7 ideas to get you inspired

Novelty wedding cake - 7 ideas to get you inspired

Are you tired of seeing the same traditional white wedding cake and fancy something a little different?   Do you want to inject some fun and personality into your big day?  Here are 7 novelty wedding cake ideas to get you inspired.

Favourite film/TV/book

Are you both mad keen Harry Potter fans or is Star Wars more your thing?  Chances are that your guests will love it too.  You can either go with the full theme or add a little nod by including a character or even just your favourite quotation.  If you are a bit nervous about going completely novelty, hiding things at the back of the cake is a subtle way of adding in your favourite theme but still remaining quite low-key. Widely as a reveal-style wedding cake, I like to call this ‘traditional at the front, party at the back’.


With the big rise in outdoor and tipi wedding venues in recent years, woodland inspiration has become a huge trend.  Couples are using lots of wood in their decoration to give a rustic natural theme so why not choose a cake to match.  If you are an outdoorsy couple, think about what you might see on your favourite walk and include this on your cake – particular flowers, type of trees and even animals, e.g. squirrels or rabbits.  Or why not pop yourself on top, dressed in your walking attire.

Pets or favourite animals

As your pets will probably not be allowed at your venue, adding them to your wedding cake can be great way to include them in your celebrations.  Include little edible models of them or better still, immortalise them in polymer clay as a cake topper that you can keep forever.


I just love black wedding cakes (although black teeth are a very real problem!).  Skulls and red roses are a simple addition to add a gothic vibe (watch this space for some skull wedding cake toppers coming soon).  Or why not go full on and embrace the genre with a Victoriana corset-inspired wedding cake, complete with black calla lilies, roses and a cameo. Use styling with feathers and candlelight like this one at Newcastle Castle to create a full gothic-inspired display.


Special places

This has become a popular request for me over recent years, whereby couples are wishing to have their favourite places and significant events hand painted onto their cake.  This might have been their first date, their proposal or even the view of their wedding venue or own home.  It makes the whole thing completely unique to the couple and can be quite the conversation starter.


Cupid is the Latin God of Love and his bow and arrow is the symbol of his power – whomever is shot by Cupid’s arrow has uncontrollable desires. Arrows can be a simple addition to a traditional wedding cake but you could go one stage further and include dancing fairies, cute cherubs or even a full heart shaped cake to show everyone that you are under Cupid’s spell


The copper colours and corsetry of the steampunk genre is a wonderful inspiration for wedding cakes.  It also goes really well with the Victorian influences in Dr Who so why not combine the two.


I hope these 7 novelty wedding cake ideas have given you some food for thought (pardon the pun!). In any case, your wedding cake is the perfect opportunity to have fun and really show off your personality and give all your guests something to talk about for years to come.

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