Real Yorkshire wedding cake: hand painted Italian lake proposal

Real Yorkshire wedding cake: hand painted Italian lake proposal

I have been wanting to share this cake with you for a while but never seemed to get around to it.  This is one of our real Yorkshire wedding cakes from 2019 and was probably one of my most favourite and most challenging.

I met Jacqui and Stewart at a wedding fair way back in 2017.  They had seen my Blossoming Love wedding cake design (click here to see it for yourself).  They were getting married at the Principal York in November 2019 and with such majestic surroundings and limited light due to the time of year, the decor would include simply blossom trees and candlelight.  They therefore felt that the blossom on the design would match perfectly.  But there was another reason.

The original design features a hand painted image of a couple sitting on a bench.  They asked if I could personalise this just for them.  It turns out that Stewart had proposed in a rowing boat on an Italian lake and would I be able to paint this scene onto their cake.  Now, I am no landscape painter but hand painted wedding cakes are my passion and I am always up for a challenge.



This was one of the reference photos that they sent me and the one I used to create the final cake painting.

The final cake was a stack of light madeira with strawberry conserve, a lemon drizzle with lemon curd and a chocolate mud cake.  All the tiers were covered in a layer of white or dark chocolate ganache and finished with a thin layer of Couture sugarpaste to give a clean and crisp finish.  They were then stacked together staircase-style so that the tree, hand modelled from sugarpaste and then painted, formed the focal point.  All the sugar blossoms were individually hand-made in flower paste and wired together.  The lake scene was then painted directly onto the cake with a mixture of edible black blossom dust mixed with clear alcohol to form a watercolour.









I love this picture – it shows that a cake should not just be admired from afar.

It was a thrill to be able to make this for them.  Not only did the scene and its memory mean so much to them as a couple but it allowed me to really stretch my painting skills further.  I think this testimonial that they put on Instagram says it all.



If you would like to see more images from this beautiful day, you can check out the blog from their photographer Christopher Lewis here.

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