How to make a cute Easter Bunny cake

How to make a cute Easter Bunny cake

Learn how to make a cute Easter bunny cake, using ingredients/materials readily available in supermarkets and minimal tools.  Simple enough for kids and would make a lovely Easter present or centrepiece for your Easter dinner table.


8” round cake drum/thick board (don’t worry if you don’t have one, you can place on a chopping board or plate)

2 x 6” round sponge cakes (you might like to check out our recipes for the perfect Madeira cake or even a vegan chocolate mud cake)

Buttercream (made using 250g/9z butter and 500g/18oz icing sugar)

1kg/2lb white sugarpaste

200g/8oz pale pink sugarpaste

Small amount black sugarpaste

2 x cakepop sticks or cocktail sticks

Pink ribbon and double-sided sticky tape

Extra icing sugar for dusting

Cornflour for dusting

Equipment/tools you will need

Palette knife

Rolling pin

Icing smoother

Cutting mat (if available)

Pizza cutter

Small sharp knife

Paintbrush (used for food use only)

Small amount of cooled boiled water


Piece of A4 paper


Sandwich bag

A couple of top tips before you start

Make a cornflour sock.  Fill a new clean knee high stocking with cornflour.  Knot the top and use to lightly dust surfaces before rolling sugarpaste.

When putting feet on, push on the pad to flatten.  This will make them curl slightly and look more realistic.

For a really professional finish, cover the board with sugarpaste after covering the cake and trimming (see below).

Instructions on how to make your Easter bunny cake

Cut each cake into 2 layers and sandwich all 4 layers together with buttercream.  Place on board and apply buttercream to the outside of the cake and smooth.  Place in fridge to cool for 20 mins.

Dust the surface with icing sugar and roll out sugarpaste to approx. 3 mm thick and apply over buttercream.  Smooth the sugarpaste down with palm to get rid of any air and smooth the sides with the icing smoother.


Remove the excess sugarpaste with a pizza cutter or sharp knife.  Keep remaining sugarpaste in sandwich bag for further use

Draw a leaf shape approx. 12.5cm/5” long and 4cm/1.5” wide on A4 paper and cut out as a template

On a dusted cutting mat (see top tip 1), roll out white sugarpaste to approx. 7-8mm thick, place template on top and cut out 2 x leaf shapes.  Do the same with the pink paste but trim to make the leaf smaller

Easter bunny cake tutorial - cutting out the ears
Easter bunny cake tutorial - assembling the ears
Easter bunny cake tutorial - making the feet

Use 50g/2oz white sugarpaste and roll into oval shape.  Flatten with top wider than the bottom.  Make 2 diagonal cuts to form the toes.  Repeat.

Using pink sugarpaste, roll 1 large and 3 small balls.  Flatten and stick onto foot.  Repeat and stick feet onto cake using a little water.

Use 20g/1oz white sugar paste and make ball. Repeat.  Then make small ball with 10g/1/2oz pink sugarpaste.  Flatten out the 3 balls slightly, place the 2 white balls side by side and the pink ball on top to make nose.  Secure to the cake with a little water.

Easter bunny cake tutorial - making the nose
Easter bunny cake tutorial - making the eyes

Using black sugarpaste, create 1 small and 1 slightly larger ball.  Roll each ball into a tapered sausage shape.  Make a sideways S with the long sausage and attach to the cake.  Place the small sausage above to make the eyelashes.  Repeat


Place ears on top of cake.  Let one droop forwards.

Roll 3 thick sausages in white sugarpaste and place in front of ears as hair.

Roll out pink sugarpaste and cut 2 rectangles approx. 12.5cm/5” long and 4cm/1.5” wide.  Dampen one end and fold over.  Pinch end to create a fold and trim.  Repeat for other side.    Attach a side in front of each ear and cover the join with small rectangle of pink sugarpaste.


Easter bunny cake tutorial - making the hair bow

Finish the board with pink ribbon secured with double sided tape.  And voila, your Easter bunny cake is complete.  Now is the time to enjoy eating your masterpiece.

Easter bunny cake tutorial - the whole cake assembled

I really hope you enjoyed this tutorial.  If you have any queries, please email me on  I would also love to see your creations so please send them to me on FB or Instagram and if you are happy to, I would love to share them with others.

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