Styling an autumn wedding

Styling an autumn wedding

Styling an Autumn wedding

Well, it’s that time of year again.  The nights are drawing in and I have finally given in and put the heating on (I am in Yorkshire after all!).  It may be getting cooler but this is definitely my most favourite time of the year.  Foliage changing from green to rich oranges and browns, alongside the dark reds and burgundy of ripe berries.  Cool and crisp mornings with enough nip in the air that you need something snuggly to wear.  Hot drinks and delicious treats with just enough spice to warm even the hardest heart.  So to celebrate all that is wonderful about the season, here are some of my tips to style a beautiful autumn wedding.

A rich colour palette

When nature gives you such a wonderful colour palette, don’t try and work against it.  Use seasonal flowers and foliage in warm earthy colours and then add depth with a sprinkling of and dried grasses, seed heads and wheat to add texture.  Couple this with off-whites champagne and taupe and the result is breathtaking.

Or better still, go dark with deep reds and burgundy, and mix in sumptuous fabrics like velvet to add drama.  Sprinkle around lots of candles for a magical look.


Get cosy

As if anyone needs an excuse, now is the perfect time for brides and bridesmaids to accessorise with a cosy cape or shawl to keep off the evening chill.  And for your guests, you can provide snuggly blankets especially if you are having an outdoor/woodland venue (I am a huge blanket fan and am currently writing this with my new Yorkshire blanket thrown over my legs).

But let’s not forget the grooms – who can resist a man in a tweed suit.


Add a little spice

If the summer is all about fresh flavours, autumn is about adding a little warmth and spice.  Our sticky toffee cake is particularly popular or you could try a pumpkin spiced latte cake for something really seasonal.  You could treat your guests to a signature caramel apple cider cocktail or allow them to pimp up their own drink with a hot chocolate bar.

Let your cake bring the outside in

Now for my most favourite bit (obviously!).  Use your cake to bring the outside in and marry wood textures, rich autumnal flowers and lots and lots of foliage.  And why not add a couple of woodland animals too.



So if you love this season as much as I do and you are planning your own autumn wedding, you can check out our Autumn Wedding Pinterest board for much more inspiration and some yummy recipes.