Choosing a wedding cake: the 7 most frequently asked questions

Choosing a wedding cake: the 7 most frequently asked questions

I was once told by a university lecturer that there is no such thing as a stupid question.  And believe me, we have questions that come up time and time again so you are in very good company.  Whether you are looking for wedding cakes in Yorkshire, Manchester or further afield, most of you will have never ordered one before so how are you meant to know the answers.  Let us help you on that one ……

When should I order my wedding cake?

This is probably the most common question and my answer – ASAP.  Wedding cake designers (and any other wedding suppliers for that matter) can be booked up to 2 years in advance and you don’t want to risk falling in love with someone’s work, only to find that they are already booked out for your date.  For most suppliers, you can secure your date with a non-refundable deposit and then worry about the design nearer the date.

But don’t panic if you are on a short timeframe.  There is always the chance that your chosen supplier will have some availability.  Just get in touch and be sure to include the wedding date in your enquiry.

How big should my cake be?

This is such a common question that I am going to dedicate an entire blog to it (watch this space!!).  Wedding cakes are traditionally cut up during the first dance and served with the evening buffet.   But once the beer starts flowing and the dancefloor starts a-calling, guests can often forget to eat cake.  Therefore, catering for 80% is usually ample.  However if you wish to serve as the main dessert, you may then wish to cater for the full amount.

All our cakes are baked fresh to order so you have the option of freezing any leftovers and enjoying for up to 6 months.

How long will my cake last?

This will very much depend on your supplier and the type of recipes that they use.  Cakes are baked 4 days in advance to allow plenty of time for preparation.  They will then stay fresh for about 10 days after the event so plenty of time to hand out to relatives etc (or just eat throughout your honeymoon!).  But as stated above, all our cakes can be frozen afterwards and enjoyed for much longer.

Will you deliver to the venue and set up?

Absolutely yes – I would not wish the stress of wedding cake delivery on my worst enemy.  Also, anyone that has ever met me knows that I am completely precious about positioning your cake perfectly in its rightful place.  I deliver wedding cakes in Yorkshire, Manchester and the surrounding areas and deliveries within a 15-mile radius of Shelley, Huddersfield are included in your quotation.   For journeys over this, we charge an 60p per mile.  And it is always yours truly that does the delivery (I don’t trust anyone else!).

Can I have a different flavour in each tier?

Absolutely yes.  Each tier is completely separate on its own board.  Check out our popular flavours list but if there is something else you really want, we are very happy to accommodate.

Can you cater for dietary requirements?

Dietary requirements can be catered for on request.  We do take our food safety obligations very seriously so check out our blog on gluten-free wedding cakes. We also wrote a blog recently for Magpie Wedding on wedding cakes and food intolerances (click here to view).

Are we able to try some cake before we order?

It is very important to me that we meet for consultation.  This is noot only for you to sample our cake but also to build that relationship and mutual trust.  These informal chats are often where the best ideas and inspiration come from.  Our no-obligation consultations take place monthly in my home (details can be found on our Events page) and I allocate 2 hours so that we have plenty of time – we often get carried away talking about everything other than cake!!!  There is a £25 charge for consultations, which is for 2 people and includes 5 different cake flavours for you to try.  This charge is then refunded from any subsequent order made.

There are definitely other things that crop up and everyone’s requirements are different. So if you have a particular question, please drop us a line via our Contact form.  Please don’t be afraid to ask, we really have heard it all before!!!

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