Unusual wedding cakes - why you should choose what you REALLY want

Unusual wedding cakes - why you should choose what you REALLY want

Unusual wedding cakes – choosing what you really want.

How many times during your wedding planning have you been told that you need to follow tradition?  Is tradition not really your thing or you just want to show a little more personality?  But are you too scared to have what you really want for fear of people might think?

I was prompted to write this following a conversation with a bride at a recent wedding fair.  She showed me a picture of a beautiful and very bridal 2-tier cake that she clearly loved.   She was initially a little reluctant to show me as she’d been told by another cake supplier that you can’t have a 2-tier cake for a wedding.  My response – RUBBISH (I think my actual response was a trifle more flagrant!).  Her demeanour instantly went from one of embarrassment and reservation to complete delight.  It made me feel so sad that because of the opinion of a single stranger, she may have been dissuaded to choose something that she really wanted.

Until the mid 1800s, it was traditional for ladies to marry wearing a coloured dress that could then be reworn.  However much against the advice of her courtiers, Queen Victoria chose to wear white.  What was seen as a very bold and somewhat controversial choice led to the formation of a whole new tradition of brides wearing white.  There is a very interesting article about why she chose to wear white as it was not to symbolise purity as everyone thinks (click here for details).   Times are now-a-changing and brides are beginning to incorporate a lot more colour into their attire but there are still the diehards who believe that a bride should wear white.


One of my most popular designs over the years has been this woodland log wedding cake.  It has been replicated on several occasions and couples have always commented on how it delighted their guests.  The same cake has at wedding fairs produced the comments of “chavvy” and “eugh, you can’t have that!”.  (And right to my face I might add.)   I am very proud of my work and those types of comments are really hurtful, however much you laugh it off or thick-skinned you appear to be.  I appreciate that it may not be everyone’s style just like traditional white wedding cakes are not mine, but there really is no excuse for rudeness.


An unusual wedding cake shaped like woodland logs

A few years ago, I had a bride who desperately wanted a blue cake and so arranged a special meeting for me to convince her mum.  Her mum’s comment was “but what will people think?”.  My answer was that if a guest is being rude about the cake, what else are they slagging off – the bride’s dress, the choice of meal served etc.  I asked her if those were the thoughts of the people in attendance, did she really want them there?  I am pleased to say the bride got her blue cake!  And as blue cakes seem to be one of the biggest trends for 2019 and the most popular pins on my Pinterest feed, she may have even started a trend.

So I think my point is: whatever you choose, someone will always have an opposing opinion about it.   It might be that they think you can’t have an uneven number of bridesmaids or that blush pink is SO last year.  At the end of the day, it is YOUR wedding and the only opinion that matters is yours as a couple.  So, if you want to be married by an Elvis impersonator whilst wearing a bright red dress and with a cake of Mr Blobby riding a giant unicorn, just do it.  Find suppliers that will embrace your ideas and if anyone dares to criticise, they don’t deserve to be a part of your happy day!

PS:  if you do want a unicorn wedding cake (or even Mr Blobby for that matter), please get in touch as I will certainly not judge.  I may be inclined to hug you!