Maximise your wedding cake budget: 6 simple money-saving tips

Maximise your wedding cake budget: 6 simple money-saving tips

Want a wedding cake but are not sure you can justify the cost?  Here are 6 simple ways to get the most out of your wedding cake budget:

Don’t feed everyone

Unless you are serving your cake as the sole dessert, you only need to cater for approx. 80% of your guest list.

Mix artificial with sugar flowers

Love the look of sugar flowers but cannot justify the cost?  Sugar flowers are time-consuming to make and are therefore costly.  So why not mix and match with some artificial flowers in e.g. silk or paper.  This is exactly what I did with this modern blue cake, mixing sugar roses and hydrangea with artificial ferns.


You could also fresh flowers but if you read my blog about it, you will understand why I don’t advocate it.

Use a cutting cake

Need cake for lots of people but don’t want a massive cake?  The biggest cost of a wedding cake is the decoration so to alleviate this, choose a smaller design and have a separate cutting cake for the extra portions.  This is a square cake, covered only on the top and with no decoration.  When cut up, no-one will know the difference and it will save you money on all that extra unnecessary decoration.

Go simple

As stated above, the major cost on a wedding cake is the decoration due to the amount of time taken to achieve it.  Keep your design minimal and perhaps be more imaginative with the cake display e.g. use your bouquet to display alongside, give the cake height etc.  For some gorgeous ideas on how to display your cake, check out our Pinterest board for inspiration.

Go for naked, semi-naked or buttercream

Fondant is beautiful and gives a clean crisp finish. But it is more time-consuming to apply.  You could therefore opt for a more rustic look using buttercream and fresh fruit for decoration rather than flowers.  However, please do take into consideration the time and location of your wedding – buttercream and a hot marquee in July are not good buddies.

Buy shop bought

I know this is a little controversial – an independent wedding cake designer recommending a high-street chain.  But if a custom wedding cake is really not a priority for you (and it is not for everyone!), rather than going cheap you can purchase wonderful alternatives from M&S.  At least here you can be assured of the quality.

Do be aware though that some options will involve DIY by yourself to assemble the tiers so be sure to factor in the extra materials e.g. dowels, decoration etc, whether you will have the time to do it and make sure you know what you are doing.  Sometimes, it is worth paying someone else to tackle all this extra stress for you.