Naked wedding cakes (and why I loathe them!)

Naked wedding cakes (and why I loathe them!)

Naked wedding cakes, ie cakes without any covering/frosting, have been a popular trend for weddings over the last few years and are particularly favoured by couples preferring a rustic theme to their wedding.  You may then be surprised to find that I won’t provide them.  But why not …….?

Naked wedding cakes quickly go stale

The primary reason for not providing naked wedding cakes is down to quality and freshness.  All our cakes are baked fresh to order and we pride ourselves on delivering a moist and delicious product.  We use high-quality chocolate ganache and sugarpaste coverings that not only taste delicious but also help to maintain the quality of our sponges underneath.  Naked cakes, by their very nature, do not have this protection and are therefore directly exposed to the atmosphere.   I liken it to leaving a sandwich on your kitchen worktop – after a few hours the edges will start to dry out and go crisp.  Not particularly appetising!  This drying will be increased during summer conditions and in particular situations e.g. inside a hot marquee, direct sunlight etc.

So even if we provide the most moist cake, we have no control over the above conditions and all that will be remembered by your guests is stale cake.  And unfortunately like that cake, my reputation will be totally ruined too.

You can’t paint on a naked cake

Our second reason is purely due to design preference.  You will see from our Gallery page that we love to create handpainted and highly decorated sugarcraft designs which work best using a fondant/sugarpaste base.  And to be brutally honest, I don’t like the way they look.

However, I am very much an advocate for being able to choose what you want so if you contact me requesting a naked wedding cake, I am always very happy to refer to one of my local colleagues who can hopefully accommodate you.

Is there an alternative to a naked wedding cake?

But what if I don’t like sugarpaste?  I agree, it is not to everyone’s taste.  A very tasty alternative is to cover your sponge with a layer of chocolate ganache, with which you can achieve that crisp clean and stable base for many intricate designs and also protect your cake from the elements.  You can use buttercream as an alternative to create clean lines but it is a much more fickle beast and is very much affected by the hot, sticky weather we endured earlier this summer.

Another alternative for the rustic look is a “semi-naked” cake – one that has a very thin crumb coat layer of buttercream to seal the cake and give a degree of protection.  However, do please consider the time of year and your wedding setting – a melting cake is never a good look.  And if you want something super neat, you may be disappointed.

We always try, in all our blogs and information, to be as transparent as possible. I therefore hope that you will appreciate our honesty.  Our main aim is always to provide you with the highest quality and tastiest product and for that there can be no compromise.  We are always on hand to discuss your requirements and provide the most constructive advice.  If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us


White and dark chocolate ganache drip cake with handpainted white chocolate butterflies
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