Fantasy wedding cakes, in Cheshire!

Fantasy wedding cakes, in Cheshire!

So, I thought I would share with you some of the epic detailing from one of our recent wedding cakes in Cheshire.  A wedding so packed full of individuality, creativity and personality and a lesson in doing things your own way.

An idea is born!

I met Nicola and Phil at the National Wedding Show at Manchester Central in October 2017 but they didn’t get in touch again until July 2018.  They were initially unsure about what to do for their wedding cake but then decided to make it a feature and knew just the person to speak to (their words, not mine!!).

We got together for a chat and they discussed their love of fantasy, musical theatre etc.  They had some ideas i.e. enchanted woodland, castles, dragons but had no idea how to bring them all together.  Whilst chatting, I had a brainwave and so quickly drew them a rough (and I mean rough) sketch.  They loved it and a cake idea was born.

Over the coming months, they sent me whole raft of images – castles, dragons, the gates featured on their invitations.  These were just ideas – they totally trusted me to choose what I thought was appropriate so it was my responsibility to get it just right.

Time to get baking

Fast forward to the end of October and the cake was underway.   Each flavour – lemon drizzle, sticky toffee and strawberry and prosecco, was made 3 days before the event to ensure freshness.  They were then filled with frostings and conserves and covered with ganache, providing a perfect level base for those sharp edges.  And yes, just to prove this is no accident, I do use my trusty spirit level.  Then came icing, constructing the trees, full handpainting and sugar modelling and not forgetting the washing-up.

The whole process took approx. 22 hours.


What the inside of our lemon drizzle cake looks like
Our cake once covered in ganache and levelled

Off we go!

On Friday 26 October, the car was packed up and I made the journey over the Pennines to the beautiful Styal Lodge in Cheshire.  I was not prepared for what greeted me – a wedding breakfast room jam-packed full of fun and personality.  Each table centre depicted a scene from a specific musical, with knitted teddies as the stars (the bride had learned to knit specifically and created the whole scene along with her Mum).  The autumnal colour scheme and rustic logs on the tables matched the venue perfectly.  There was even a replica of the sword in the stone with a trigger mechanism so you had to pull it just right.  The lucky puller-outer received a dragon egg piñata.  I dressed the cake table and set the cake on display. It looked right at home.

Normally when I do a wedding cake delivery, I get to see neither the couple nor their reaction.  So this time it was wonderful to see an excitedly-giddy bride come rushing out to see my handiwork.  Her reaction has just about made my year – the ohhs, ahhs and hugs make all that washing-up worthwhile.



The whole point of this blog is just to show that you should never be afraid to inject your own personality into your wedding day.  And when you give someone a challenge, creativity will abound.  You only have to read the testimonial left by the happy couple to see how much my little contribution meant to them.

I hope this may inspire one of you to go for something alternative and creative.  So if you want fantasy wedding cakes in Cheshire or anywhere else,  you know who to call