A Dr Who Steampunk Wedding

A Dr Who Steampunk Wedding

Back in January, I was contacted by Denise and Stephen.  On opening their email, my heart skipped a little beat – they wanted a Dr Who wedding cake.   OK, so I am not really a fan (bit more of a Star Wars girl myself!) but I knew that this would be everything I strive to provide in a wedding cake – unique, bespoke and totally personal to the couple.


So we arranged a meeting – as Stephen had told me about the cake stand he had created for the event, we decided it would be better to go to them so I could see it in the flesh.  OMG, this was a work of art!  Made from copper piping, enamel pins, cogs and a bright red stopcock and to be adorned by a pair of bride and groom Daleks, this was the perfect way to display a Dr Who cake.  It also allowed me to visualise the depth between tiers and how things would ultimately work. So a plan was afoot.  They wanted Riversong’s diary as the bottom tier (she was Dr Who’s wife) and to be adorned by a sonic screwdriver.  The middle tier was to incorporate friends and foes of the Dr and the top tier to be a larger than life Tardis.  Of course, my wacky alter-ego suggested the strategic placement of LEDs – no sonic screwdriver is complete without its green light.   The details were all agreed – roll on April!!!



I can honestly say that this was simultaneously the ugliest and most challenging wedding cakes I have ever made.  Ugly, in that some of the hand-modelled sculptures on the side of the middle tier were truly some of the most frightening creatures I have ever seen (or indeed sculpted).  Challenging, as making a 10″ tall Tardis out of home-made Battenburg is no mean feat.  There were so many cake decorating skills required for this cake – airbrushing, modelling, cake sculpting but it was a thrill.

The wedding day arrived and after a soggy start, the sun shone through.  I arrived at Dimple Well Lodge and saw the cake stand in all its glory.  I was not the only one excited by this wedding – the manager Marcus reported that he’d found the Tardis landing music for the bride to walk down the aisle to.  It was a complete secret and he couldn’t contain his excitement.  I set up the cake on its stand and it looked truly at home (although there was a slight sway on the top tier due to its height which was a little worrying!).  I looked at the table with all its other decorations, hand-made by the groom no less, and spotted a framed Good Luck card from none other than the new Dr herself, Jodie Whittaker.  It was a surprise arranged by one of their guests who is a good friend of hers (they are all from Huddersfield).  It could not have been more perfect.  I drove off on my holiday immediately after, feeling very happy at a job well done.



Stephen and Denise had a wonderful day and their response to the cake was phenomenal and completely humbling.  If there could be any other reason to do what I do, their faith in me and the reaction was everything.  They sent me some pictures which were absolutely beautiful.  I therefore decided that such an event should not go unnoticed and decided to the pitch the story to the Huddersfield Examiner to coincide with the new Dr Who series.  Stephen and Denise were excited by this and am pleased to say we all featured on the front page.   My reporting of the story was then seen by wedding blogger Alison at Plans and Presents who asked if she could feature them on her own blog.  And here is the result, with all the professional photographs by Red 5 Studios.  This couple are absolutely inspirational – they followed their own path and created a wedding that was stylish, unique and completely reflected them as a couple.  I hope you enjoy seeing their photos as much as I have and hope that it may encourage others to be as brave in their wedding choices.

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