How to choose your wedding cake flavours

How to choose your wedding cake flavours

Choosing your wedding cake flavours can be a veritable minefield when there are so many delicious combinations to choose from.  Should you have chocolate or fruit, or fruit and chocolate or perhaps something a little different.  And what about the opinions of others – “we need to include a fruit cake or else Granny will complain” etc etc?

My advice is usually to go simple and non-fussy.  By picking traditional flavours, you are likely to appeal to the masses and therefore ensure that there are not masses of leftovers.  Each tier can be different so you are sure to provide something to cater for everyone’s taste.  You can even sneak in something to cater for different dietary requirements.  Each tier is kept separate on its own board so can even be gluten-free option (see our Terms and Conditions for allergen information).

But at the end of the day, choose something that you both love.  Chances are you won’t get a piece – you’ll be too busy schmoozing with your guests and dancing the night away.  However, I have had a lot of couples who kept the top tier just for themselves, to enjoy the following day with a cuppa whilst opening their cards and presents or have even taken it away on honeymoon – what a way to start married life!

Storing for later use

All my cakes are baked fresh to order so you have the option of freezing any leftovers.  However, sponge cakes should only be frozen for up to 3 months so if you are wanting to keep the top tier for your first child’s christening (an age-old tradition), you might want to consider having this as fruit cake which can be frozen for up to 2 years.  (If you do wish to freeze any cake and would like some assistance, please feel free to contact us or your cake provider).

Choosing seasonally

Another thing to consider would be seasonality.  This can easily be overlooked as a wedding cake is often booked so far in advance.  We are lucky that we are able to get fresh fruit and vegetables all year round.  But whilst there is nothing like the taste of a fresh UK-grown strawberry in the summer sunshine, imported ones may not taste quite the same in the middle of a Yorkshire winter.  There may also be the problem of availability, especially if you want to adorn a ‘naked’ or ‘semi-naked’ cake with cascades of fresh figs and berries.  The seasonality table at can be a useful reference.

So what should we choose?

A very popular choice amongst our couples is to choose:

  • something chocolatey
  • something citrusy
  • then something fruity

By far our most popular flavour is lemon drizzle, perfect for summer weddings and delishly light and refreshing.  Next up would be rich chocolate mud, which when paired with chocolate, salted caramel or even a peanut butter frosting makes it a decadent option.  Our two newest and more surprising flavours are cherry berry bakewell; a light almond sponge coupled with a rich almond buttercream and cherries and berries conserve.  And lastly courgette and lime, a wonderfully moist sponge and a hit even with the veggie-despising public.  Believe me, it has been tested on my children!!!.  If you want something a little out of the ordinary, don’t be afraid to ask.  We all have tried and tested recipes but are willing to branch out every now and then.  Who knows, it may become a new favourite!

Book in for a tasting session

From September – May, we offer consultations where you can chat about your design over a selection of our most popular wedding cake flavours.  You can contact us here to book your consultation.  So make sure you do your tasting homework.  You can there ensure that your cake will be damn delicious!!!!